The advantages and disadvantages of Home office

The advantages and disadvantages of Home office

Home office work and home office jobs have become preferred by many businesses in recent years. Small and newly established enterprises, in particular, try to grow their companies by working from home instead of keeping an office. When doing business over the Internet; if you have an online store, working in the home Office brings some advantages.

Although there are some disadvantages to working from home, you can overcome some of these disadvantages when you do your time management correctly by establishing a certain discipline. If you plan to work from home, you also need to take care to keep your productivity at the highest level.

Advantages of working in the Home office
You can work with flexible working hours: you can stretch your working hours while doing work in the Home Office. You can work between the hours you want and feel productive without adhering to a certain time interval, and you can take short breaks at any time.

Remember: when stretching your work hours, you should not forget the calendar of people on your team or the expectations of your customers. Users may want to contact you when ordering or after purchasing, or you should be able to track sales made during the day. For this reason, when stretching your working hours, you should also consider the factors around you that affect your work.
You can organize your work environment as you wish: because you work from home, you can turn a room of your home into your office, or you can create an environment in which you feel best by organizing this work environment as you wish.

You can cut your costs: the costs of working from home compared to an office are less. Office rent, office equipment costs, lack of expenses such as tea and coffee in the office and less tax significantly reduce the cost of working from home.

You can increase your level of focus: employees in large and open offices can be more distracted. Many distracting elements, such as interviews with other employees, employees taking breaks, phone calls, are eliminated when working from home, and a full-focus work environment is possible.

You can devote the time spent in traffic to yourself: on working days, you spend a certain amount of time in traffic on your way to the office. Especially in a city with traffic problems such as Istanbul, you can spend an average of 1-2 hours per day in traffic. But when you start working in the home office, this time that you lose in traffic is up to you, and you can evaluate this time by working, as well as devote it to yourself or your loved ones.

You can be free from stress: when you work from home, your stress will also begin to decrease, as you will mostly be alone, you will not have traffic problems, and you will encounter less negative situations that you encounter involuntarily during the day.

Disadvantages of working in the Home office
As it is advantageous to work in the Home Office, it can also bring with it some disadvantages. We wanted to explain in the following articles;

The difficulty of setting up a certain routine: how disciplined you are when working from home is also very important. Because flexible working hours and the need not to be at a desk at a certain time can force you to set up a certain work routine. Although you have flexible working time, you can work efficiently by setting yourself certain working time intervals.

Lack of coordination between the team: working from home as a team, communication with each other must also be seamless. When sharing information on a simple topic, it is important that everyone in the team is active within the same time frames. You can take advantage of project management tools, as well as use simpler communication methods (messaging applications) depending on team size. When doing business as a team, you should make sure that your working hours are also common.

Many elements that will distract you: homeofis work may not be efficient when you are not disciplined and do not create a specific work routine. Many different distractions, such as spending time in social media, turning to work at home, sitting on TV, can prevent you from doing business. In order to avoid these elements, you must use your room as an office and ignore other issues, focusing only on work while you are in this room.

You can stick to too many routines: constantly working from home, having your work and home life in the same environment can cause your life to sit on too many routines. This routine can cause you to be unable to focus on your work after a certain period of time and experience psychological problems because you are constantly spending time in a single environment. In order to avoid this situation, any place with an internet connection on certain days of the week (cafe, restaurant, common work areas, etc.) spending time will ensure that your routine is disrupted.

Getting away from social environments: another problem that can occur is that if you work alone and don't work too much outside, you can start to get away from social environments and become lonely. Maintaining this condition for too long can cause you to be negatively affected psychologically. For this reason, as mentioned in the previous article, you can try to work in different environments on certain days.